Brazilian Clef

Brazilian Clef  is a Brazilian Music Masterclass and Performance project.
The project consists in performances with an educational approach, presenting the history of Brazilian Music, its main composers and musicians, its relation with Jazz, giving students and audience the opportunity to play and discuss about it.
The project started in 2016 with a Elective Class at Litchfield Jazz Camp with a students' performance at the end of a week of meetings.
The project was also held at Queens College for the Jazz Master Degree students, and more are coming.

T r e s    U r b a n o s

Tres Urbanos is a music group formed by the great bass player Itaiguara Brandao, the acoustic guitar player Wesley Amorim and Samuel Martinelli. The group performes main Brazilian Music genres like Bossa Nova, Samba, Baio, Choro, other styles, and compositions.
The project started at the end of 2016 and the group has been playing in music venues and events around NYC area

More information, videos and recordings coming soon.

Samuel Martinelli

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