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An educational platform that provides a clear, organiz​ed, and gradual path for you to express yourself creatively, authentically, and freely within Brazil's rich and vibrant musical language.


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Meet Samuel Martinelli

I am Samuel Martinelli, founder of the Brazilian Rhythm Workshop, a platform to help you in the path of learning how to play Brazilian music.
I've been teaching workshops and masterclasses at places like City University of New York, - Queens College, Litchfield Jazz Camp, in person and online, and have found that many students are interested in Brazilian music but don't know where to start and where to go, and that's why I created this platform.

I've been a professional musician in NYC for many years, and I want to share my experience playing with great names like multi Grammy-nominated trumpet player Claudio RoditiAlcione, Hendrik Meurkens, Marcus McLaurine, Ken Peplowski, Russell Malone, Itaiguara Brandão, Helio Alves, and performing at venues like Carnegie Hall, LeFrak Hall, and many other music clubs in US.

I want to help you to play Brazilian music authentically and freely - it all starts with the rhythm.

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